Ministry of Agriculture and Qima Coffee unite to promote Yemeni coffee

Qima Coffee

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in Yemen’s Aden region and Qima Coffee have joined forces through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The MoU signing ceremony took place at the General Court of the Ministry in Aden, in the presence of Salem Abdullah Al-Sogatri, Minister of Agriculture, and Ahmed Mahyoub, General Manager, Qima Coffee Yemen.

According to Qima Coffee, it has a demonstrated track record of impactful development initiatives that have touched the lives of thousands of coffee farmers globally. Some of these initiatives include the construction of essential rainwater reservoirs, the establishment of genetically verified coffee nurseries, and the delivery of vital technical assistance through training and capacity building programmes. Additionally, Qima Coffee has made significant strides in research, contributing to scientific knowledge in areas such as coffee genetics and traceability.

“I commend Qima Coffee in conducting and deploying impactful coffee projects and research solutions for the benefit of Yemen’s coffee sector. Their efforts in marketing and distributing Yemeni coffee, both locally and internationally, have significantly benefited coffee farmers and contributed to the growth of coffee cultivation in our country,” says Al-Sogatri.

Qima Coffee remains dedicated to promoting transparency within the coffee value chain and supporting coffee farmers with the tools and knowledge needed to enhance productivity and yield, all while providing valuable technical guidance. The Ministry is poised to provide crucial support, actively engaging in the planning, execution, and operation of large-scale coffee development projects, alongside fostering inclusive community initiatives on the ground.

“We greatly appreciate the Ministry’s support in developing Yemen’s coffee sector. With their assistance, Qima Coffee looks forward to expanding its research and development projects, while also increasing ground-level impact by strengthening Yemen’s seed sector and improving market access through strengthening post-harvest processing infrastructure across various governorates in Yemen,” says Mahyoub.

This partnership underscores their shared commitment to advancing development and research within Yemen’s coffee industry, with a strong emphasis on sustainable agricultural practices.

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