Mitsubishi invests in Japanese Sarutahiko Coffee

Mitsubishi has entered into a business alliance with Sarutahiko Coffee, acquiring a 14.98 per cent stake in the company. Mitsubishi says Sarutahiko Coffee’s mission is simple, “to serve happiness in a cup of coffee” and thus far has opened 13 shops in Japan and three in Taiwan. To ensure traceability and sustainability in the sourcing of its coffee beans, Sarutahiko Coffee dispatches its representatives to growers around the world and purchases the beans directly at fair prices. Since its founding in 2011, Mitsubishi says Sarutahiko Coffee has placed the utmost emphasis on craftsmanship to gradually grow its brand, primarily in Japan. Through this new business alliance, the specialty coffee shop chain hopes to expand its operations into overseas markets. Mitsubishi says its decision to enter into this alliance was based on Sarutahiko Coffee’s management policy, which prioritises sustainability, and its high-quality service and brand value, both of which are embodied by its corporate culture of omotenashi, a Japanese concept of hospitality and unparalleled customer service. Under the terms of the alliance, Mitsubishi will assign officers to Sarutahiko Coffee and leverage its wide-ranging business expertise and networks to help enhance the coffee chain’s corporate value. For Mitsubishi, the alliance was formed under a trial business incubation program launched by its Consumer Industry Group, the aim of which is to promote projects that are invested in the creation of consumer value and development of human resources. Through this alliance and all future endeavors, Mitsubishi says it remains committed to creating new value and supporting the initiatives and challenges of its employees. Follow Global Coffee Report on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for up-to-date news and analysis of the global coffee industry.

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