Modbar Espresso AV

The Modbar Espresso AV, launched at the 2018 Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle, was developed in partnership between La Marzocco and Modbar engineers. It features the same La Marzocco boiler design, PID temperature control, and ease of serviceability the Florentine company is known for. Since 2015, La Marzocco has been working closely with Modbar on product improvement and development, business management, sales, and marketing. The Modbar Espresso AV is an elegant espresso machine with the complexity of a traditional machine tucked neatly under the counter. It exists for the barista who wants to redefine café aesthetics while still delivering the quality, consistency, and simplicity of a magical coffee experience. This new machine supports two espresso taps from a single module, allowing café owners to grow their espresso machine as they grow their business. It also comes with an adaptable drip tray, multi-position programmable lever, Linea PB volumetrics, and optional scales. For more information, visit

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