Modern Process Equipment releases the MPE G7.MG

Modern Process Equipment (MPE) is introducing its latest technology in ultra-fine grinding with the release of the MPE G7.MG Microfine Granulizer. The MPE G7.MG is a redesigned version of MPE’s existing G7, which merges both roller and disc-style grinding technologies in a single unit. MPE announced that its latest design delivers a consistent and ultra-fine coffee at a rate of 150 kilogram per hour. The company says its G7 technology uses a water-cooled environment in which the whole bean coffee is ground to a 30 – 40 micrometer particle size. The MPE G7.MG uses MPE’s proprietary grinding rolls and materials which it says results in micro-fine ground coffee with great taste, preserved color and high aroma. Visit the website for more details:

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