MPE introduces Super.Max coffee capsule grinder

coffee capsule roller mill

Manufacturing company Modern Process Equipment Corporation (MPE) has announced the launch of Super.Max, a precision coffee capsule roller mill that fits in the footprint of a disc-style grinder.

According to MPE, the Super.Max is a higher capacity successor to the Mini.Max, which debuted in 2020 and has quickly found favour from capsule producers worldwide.

The coffee capsule roller mill increases capacity from 450 to 700 capsules per minute over the Mini.Max.

Both the Super.Max and Mini.Max are designed to operate on top of capsule packaging machines or in a tandem grinding configuration. They offer the narrow particle size distribution and coffee density that only roller mills can achieve.

The coffee capsule roller mill comes in two gas-tight, Ecodesign variants: the 2-high 600 SM.2 and the 3-high 600 SM.3. The 3-high Super.Max stands 160 centimetres high, and the 2-high Super.Max 137 centimetres high.

Despite the incredibly compact design, both Super.Max models can grind 240 kilograms of perfectly densified, 300-micron size ground coffee for producing 700 capsules per minute.

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