MPE to launch Mega 8” Chain-Vey tubular drag conveyor at Pack Expo

tubular drag conveyor

The Chain-Vey division of Modern Process Equipment (MPE) has announced the launch of its Mega 8” tubular drag conveyor.

The conveyor will be on display at Pack Expo in Las Vegas, United States on 23 September at booth #LS-6061.

“Working with our customers enabled our engineers to design a solution that will help their operations move larger quantities of raw and finished materials more efficiently while complying with their sanitary requirements,” MPE President and CEO Dan Ephraim says.

“With this addition to our Chain-Vey product line, we further expand our wide range of conveyance offerings to the market. Our customers have the option to implement the Chain-Vey into existing processing lines or utilise our Systems group to engineer and implement a complete processing line, integrating both Chain-Vey and MPE Grinders, thereby providing our customers with a total solution.”

MPE says the Mega 8” conveyor can gently transport up to 600 cubic metres of fragile foods and ingredients, opening up new possibilities in where tubular drag conveyors can go. It adds that with near-zero breakage and degradation to your product, a single conveyor moves up to 36,000 kilograms per hour.

The Mega 8” features an “unbreakable” chain, which MPE says means no downtime for users and pneumatic tensioners that require no readjustment for on-site technicians.

Other features include fully-customisable and precise Clean-In-Place options, complete food-grade materials and components, bi-directional transport with multiple inlets and discharges, air-tight and dust-tight protection of products, and the capability to go far distances.

MPE provides highly engineered precision grinders, conveyors, and turnkey systems to a global customer base.

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