MPE’s IMD 669-CG Series Grinder

The new IMD 669-CG Capsule Granuliser achieves the perfect Nespresso-style grind distribution for both espresso and lungo capsules. Its system optimises two critical elements for capsule extraction: superior grind and superior density. The IMD 669-CG combines MPE’s capsule grinding technology with coffee densification and control technologies, two patent pending developments. The IMD 669-CG achieves high density levels with its Vortex Densifier and Absolute Density Control (ADC).  The Vortex Densifier increases ground coffee density up to 100 per cent, while using 50 per cent less energy and heat. The ADCS control system maintains coffee density level to within 1 per cent of target, even in interrupted operations. Low coffee temperature is also maintained to avoid the loss of valuable coffee volatiles and aromatics. For more information, please visit:

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