Mullege to bring Ethiopian coffee to Melbourne International Coffee Expo

Bringing some Ethiopian flavour to Melbourne is Mullege and Adulina Coffee Exporter PLC. Established in 1994, the company is a leading coffee exporter in Ethiopia that specialises in exporting high quality green Arabica coffee beans. Mullege’s clients range from international traders to roasters. Matebu H. Zemanuel, Mullege Project Coordinator, says that through Adulina’s well-integrated quality management and commitment to its clients, it’s time Australians discover what this Ethiopian business has to offer. “We are working very hard to increase our visibility around the world and Australia is one of our major targets,” says Matebu. And what better place to do just that then at MICE. Mullege will feature their top varieties at MICE including Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Limu, Wolega and Jimma coffee. “We believe our coffee varieties have never had a chance to be displayed or cupped at such events in the continent and this will be a great opportunity,” says Matebu. “Adulina and Mullege Cofffee Exporters are very keen to introduce natural and washed coffee and give visitors a chance to discover the wild coffee kingdom of Ethiopia.” Recently, the company was awarded a certificate of honour for its joint effort to bring in sustainable and eco-friendly coffee agriculture and processing methods. Matebu says that through a major campaign of their products, and talking to prospective buyers at MICE, the company would like to scout someone to eventually represent them in Australia. Adulina Coffee Exporter’s stand will host formal cupping sessions, and dispense samples of their products specially prepared for the occasion. MICE will provide Matebu his first opportunity to visit Melbourne, explore its vast coffee culture and meet its citizens. “We know [MICE] is one of the most coveted coffee events in the world and surely we will have a great time and an experience that will excel what we had before,” he says. “We hope to learn about the coffee requirements in Australia and what actually tickles their coffee tastes and to help our business grow as a result.”

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