Mythos 2

With Mythos One, Victoria Arduino redesigned the way of thinking about grinding coffee. With Mythos 2, Victoria Arduino reinvented the rules moving the boundaries of on-demand coffee grinder operating control in terms of temperature stability, accuracy and speed service increasing. With the Clima Pro 2.0 system, it’s possible to reach even lower temperatures, thus expanding the range of choices.
Mythos 2 not only keeps the temperature constant inside the grinding chamber but it is also able to change it, enabling baristas to work more efficiently.
Thanks to Gravitech, the quantity of ground coffee is accurately measured and remains unchanged even when the granulometry setting is adjusted. Its maximum variation range is 0.1 grams. Mythos 2 constantly overhauls the gravimetric system, compensating for any possible variation.
The speed of grinding has a considerable impact on the coffee flavour. Thanks to the new motor with variable frequency drive, users can select the ideal speed (from 600 to 1200 revolutions per minute) for the coffee they make.
There are three clear advantages: consistency in speed, savings in energy costs and cup experience.
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