National coffee champions to train in Italy ahead of world competition

Dalla Corte, in collaboration with Mahlkoenig and Urnex, will give national Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirits champions a chance to train ahead of the world competition.  The training will take place from 14 to 15 September at the Dalla Corte campus in Milan, Italy. The event will be an opportunity for national champions to train on the official equipment used for the international competition, the Dalla Corte espresso machines and Mahlkoenig grinders. Sonia Grant, Head Judge at World Coffee Events, will lead the training.  The World Latte Art Championships and World Coffee in Good Spirits competition will both take place at the Cafe & Bakery Fair from 1 – 4 November in Seoul, Korea.  In addition to welcoming world finalists, the September training event will also be open to other interested coffee fans. Participants can email for more information. 

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