NCA appoints Probat CEO Wim Abbing as new board member

 Wim Abbing, CEO of coffee processing plant and machinery manufacturer Probat has been announced as the new member of the board of directors of the National Coffee Association (NCA) of the United States.

The US is one of the leading coffee importing countries and the top consumer of coffee worldwide. It is also one of the most important markets for Probat. With its own American subsidiary Probat, Inc, the German roasting machine manufacturer is able to respond to the specific needs and the resulting individual requirements of its customers there in the best possible way.

Only last year, Probat, Inc relocated from Vernon Hills, Illinois to the Lincolnshire Corporate Center, situated only a few miles further south, allowing the company to continue to grow its technological resources and market leading service organisation. This new location also provides the infrastructure to expand the manufacturing presence in the US for both the Probat and Burns coffee roasting equipment product lines.

The Burns brand in particular is currently experiencing a strong demand after having been successfully revitalised during the past years. Originally founded in 1864, the brand is not only popular for its most flexible and sturdy roasting technology, but also a well-known name to everybody who is familiar with the US coffee history. 

For Probat, the election of Wim Abbing as new board member of the NCA, is another step towards further strengthening the company‘s presence on the US coffee market and a particular honour for the Probat CEO himself.

“Many international coffee professionals consider the NCA to be ‘the voice of coffee’, even referring to its Annual Convention as the industry’s premiere networking and educational event. I am humbled to have been appointed new board member and feel strongly committed to the NCA’s guiding principles to grow the coffee community through education, advocacy and connection. Together we will strive to make a difference in the industry,” Abbing says. 

NCA President and CEO William Murray extends a hearty welcome to the new board member Wim Abbing.

“As CEO of PROBAT, Wim Abbing brings with him many years of experience and leadership in the international coffee industry. I am delighted that he will serve on the NCA’s board of directors, and am convinced that his vast knowledge of coffee and deep insights into the industry will help support the vision of the NCA, which is to make coffee the world’s most loved beverage,” Murray says.

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