With the Neogrind, Neuhaus Neotec has launched an innovative roll grinder for current coffee products. The “family” has been completed now by the third model of the successful grinder. With roller lengths of 30, 55 and 80 centimetres, three grinders with the latest technology are available for any requirement and performance. The great strengths of the Neogrind become apparent in capsule and fine grinding. This is where its innovative grinding gap adjustment by means of a servomotor comes into play. Whereas in other grinders the grinding gaps are adjusted by means of compressed air, the use of a servomotor ensures a considerably more precise and quick adjustment of the distance between the rolls in the Neogrind. In combination with the individually adjustable roller speeds, this guarantees a highly flexible production. Furthermore, compactors with various power levels are optionally available for the Neogrind. For more information visit:

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