Nescafé launches new unified branding for first time in 75 years

Nescafé is adopting a globally unified approach to its packaging design, communication and digital strategy with the launch of REDvolution. For the first time in the brand’s 75-year history each Nescafé product will share the same visual identity and use the same new slogan: “It all starts with a Nescafé”. “Nescafé is our largest single brand, a CHF10bn [US$1,111,580,445] brand, and one of the cornerstones of our company. It is a symbol of Nestlé all around the world,” said Patrice Bula, Nestlé’s Global Head of Marketing, in a statement. “But we live in a more globalised, social world and we realised that we needed a more unified, powerful umbrella for a brand like Nescafé – a single personality that could also be expressed differently in each country,” said Bula. The new design includes the Nescafé red accent, the red mug, and an aerial view of a mug of coffee. According to Nescafé, coffee shop trends are attracting a new, younger group of consumers. The REDvolution is its response to this shift in behaviour. “Nescafé is a pioneering brand,” said Bula, in the statement. “We need to demonstrate that this brand is as relevant today as it was 75 years ago, with a portfolio that satisfies the changing world of coffee and evolving consumer tastes.” The new branding will also includes new digital and social media services, such as an alarm clock providing a personalised wake-up call. The REDvolution is being rolled out globally throughout 2014, and will cover over 90 per cent of sales by the end of the year.

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