Nespresso launches its first Reviving Origins coffee from Puerto Rico

Nespresso has announced the launch of Cafecito de Puerto Rico, its first Puerto Rican coffee, available exclusively to United States consumers.

As the newest addition to the Reviving Origins program, Nespresso says this limited-edition coffee highlights the natural earthiness of Puerto Rico’s coffee beans. Since 2018, Nespresso has been working with the Hispanic Federation and coffee farmers in Puerto Rico to help revitalise their coffee crop after hurricanes Maria and Irma destroyed 80 per cent of the island’s coffee trees and harvest.

Today, with the launch of Cafecito de Puerto Rico, Nespresso and the Hispanic Federation invite consumers to join the revitalisation efforts by helping farmers plant coffee trees that will revive their land and help their communities prosper.

From 21 to 27 October, consumers who donate to the Hispanic Federation will have first access to Cafecito de Puerto Rico. Every dollar given will help plant one new coffee tree on the island.

“Nespresso has a long legacy of supporting coffee growing regions and communities around the world. We established our Reviving Origins initiative to help farmers revive their coffee farms in areas where production has been negatively impacted or completely destroyed by natural disasters or other adversities,” says Guillaume Le Cunff, President and CEO of Nespresso USA.

“Coffee is vital to Puerto Rico’s rich and vibrant culture and economy. By leveraging the Hispanic Federation’s deep understanding of the needs on the island, we can support farmers’ livelihoods and foster economic opportunity while offering US customers a truly unique coffee experience.”

In October 2018, working alongside the Hispanic Federation, global non-profit TechnoServe, and other organisations, Nespresso committed US$1 million as part of a three-year initiative to help revitalise Puerto Rico’s coffee industry. The effort plans to reach 1500 farmers in Puerto Rico through on-the-ground training and mentoring in agronomic and business skills that will help farmers improve the quality and quantity of their crop yields and increase their incomes.

Nespresso Ambassador George Clooney and acclaimed playwright, actor, and Puerto Rican, Lin-Manuel Miranda joined forces with Nespresso and the Hispanic Federation to champion the importance of coffee farming in Puerto Rico. Their conversation on the importance of coffee culture in Puerto Rico can be viewed HERE.

“Puerto Rico still needs our help, and it will take a tremendous effort from both private and public organisations to ensure efforts on the ground have a meaningful and lasting impact,” says José Calderón, President of the Hispanic Federation.

“We’re pleased with the progress we’re making, but it is only the beginning. With the help of Nespresso and its consumers, we’re optimistic about the future of coffee on the island.”

Contributions to the Hispanic Federation will support the organisation’s efforts with World Coffee Research and Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters to plant 2.25 million new coffee trees in Puerto Rico. In addition to funding the initial revitalisation initiative, Nespresso has committed 50,000 trees to this effort.

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