Nespresso Momento

Today’s working environments are more connected, flexible, conversational, and diverse – a living place designed around wellbeing and seamless interactions.

Nespresso Professional has launched the first two coffee machines of the Nespresso Momento range, a new addition to its professional offering that has been developed for the evolving office sector. The Nespresso Momento ecosystem is designed to deliver authentic, high-quality coffee experiences that bring people together in office environments, encouraging the creation of meaningful relationships within teams.

Nespresso Momento offers four different coffee cup sizes for each craving: Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, and the new Americano. The machines are designed to support varying consumptions that can happen in an office environment, with two extraction heads working at the same time to brew up to 140 coffees per hour. They have a modular design, which allows technicians to easily access and replace critical machine components to minimise customer downtime.

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