Nespresso releases two limited edition coffee capsules

Nespresso has released two new limited edition Grand Cru coffees, Napoli and Trieste. The two varieties, which have been developed to reflect the coffee cultures of their namesake cities, will be sold internationally from this month. The Napoli blends Arabica with a hint of Robusta, in recognition of the southern city’s preference for short, dark coffees. The variety is intense and best drunk as an espresso. The Trieste is designed as a more flexible blend, mixing Arabica beans to make a coffee that can be mixed with milk or drunk black, a reflection of the city’s multicultural heritage that draws from its mix of Latin, German and Slavic peoples. The new varieties have been released to accompany the Nespresso Maestria and Gran Maestria machines, and have also inspired the release of a limited edition set of decorated glass espresso cups and saucers.

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