Nespresso research provides insight into workplace coffee expectations

Nespresso Professional has released its The Workplace of the Future 2021 report, which revealed that 65 per cent of Australian employees seek high quality coffee within the workplace.

Furthermore, 77 per cent of Australian employees believe their morning coffee break is important to their relationship with co-workers and workplace culture.

Nespresso says the research, conducted with Aca Research, shows a noticeable shift in what Aussie employees are expecting from their workplace in terms of tech, design, culture, and sustainability.

Other key findings include:
• 98 per cent of Australian employees believe cleanliness and hygiene is important in a post-COVID-19 workplace
• 75 per cent of Australian employees would like their workplace to have contact-free kitchen appliances in the future
• 91 per cent of Australian employees expect their workplace to minimise its overall carbon footprint in the future

The research was released alongside the launch of Nespresso Professional’s new Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk machine as part of the brand’s Momento range.

Producing a range of Australian style milk-based coffees, the machine is designed for “the workplace of the future” that can bring employees together, improve productivity, and add overall business value.

“Australia’s workplaces have been changing rapidly: they’ve become more flexible, with teams now working from a mix of home and office. This makes human interaction even more valuable, as face-to-face conversations are few and far between,” says Jean-Marc Dragoli, General Manager of Nespresso Oceania.

The machine boosts a range of 17 coffees with 12 different milk recipes including cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites from a touch of a button. The machine also utilises QR codes, which users can scan, turning their mobile phones into a remote control to select their coffee.

“We designed the Nespresso Momento range to create the perfect cup of coffee to be at the heart of these exchanges, enhancing meaningful employee relationships,” says Jean-Marc.

Nespresso’s AAA Sustainable Quality Program looks to make a positive impact, starting with sourcing of the beans. With more than 110,000 coffee farmers across 14 countries participation, Nespresso states that more than 90 per cent of coffee brought comes through this program.

The brand also has set a goal of sourcing 100 per cent of its coffee beans sustainability alongside making all operations carbon neutral by 2022.

The Momento machine follows Nespresso’s sustainability goals with long lasting components that are changeable alongside its ability to preserve water and energy.

Awarded the 2019 IF Design Awards, Nespresso states that it has designed the Momento range to meet different business needs, boasting “a modern, sleek design with simplicity at its core.”

Described as the quietest machine in the range, it is also designed to save operators time with its intuitive face.

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