Nespresso reveals exclusive coffee variety N°20

Nespresso N°20

Nespresso has launched N°20, a new and bespoke coffee intended to surprise and delight Australian coffee drinkers with something unique.

N°20 is the culmination of 20 years of research and dedication, developed with the goal of creating the ultimate cup of coffee, in response to increased consumer demand for rare and high-quality varieties.

“They say good things are worth waiting for, and that’s certainly the case with N°20. Notes of orange blossom, rich flowery and fruity aromatics and a bright, citric acidity combine to create a coffee with a rare, elegant, and subtle personality,” says Nespresso ANZ Coffee Ambassador Mitch Monaghan.

“I recommend serving N°20 as an espresso alongside a piece of dark chocolate. This is a ‘treat yourself’ coffee, rather than your everyday cup. So, the best piece of advice I can offer is to sit back and savour every drop.”

Since 2003, Nespresso’s coffee masters have worked to create this high-quality Arabica coffee plant, first by identifying the finest Arabicas from its Coffee Collection Catalogue, then the ideal terroir in which the new variety would flourish. N°20 is Q certified by the Coffee Quality Institute, an independent non-profit organisation that designates high standards of quality in the coffee industry.

Taking inspiration from generations of farmers who have traditionally cross-planted coffee varieties to create more resilient plants, Nespresso used this practice in its quest for taste perfection. Once settled on a combination which yielded this high-quality taste, the team began experimental plantings in three different countries, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Indonesia, to identify the ideal environment for the variety to grow.

N°20 was found to thrive best in the soil of the Cauca and Caldas regions of Colombia. There, the coffee was grown by just 59 farmers who collectively planted and cared for one million coffee trees of this new and unique Arabica variety. These farmers are part of the Nespresso AAA Program and were paid a premium as a reward for their investment in sustainable high quality.

N°20 has a limited volume. Available in Nespresso Original capsules, each sleeve is priced at $20 and contains five coffee capsules.

The coffee can be purchased online at

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