Neuhaus Neotec assists in building US$290 million Swiss Nestlé factory

In early June, the foundation stone for the new Nestlé plant for coffee capsules was laid in Schwerin. The Swiss food corporation will invest around US$290 million in the new production plant, which will supply coffee capsules to the markets in Germany and Northern and Eastern Europe by the middle of 2014. Neuhaus Neotec is in certification process for SCC (Safety Certificate for Contractors) and significantly contributes with its know-how and extensive experience in plant engineering to the production of coffee capsules. Neuhaus Neotec is on board to ensure that the premium quality of the coffee that is processed,
and thus of the coffee capsules, is maintained during the entire production process. When the 12 production lines are in operation the plant will produce up to 2 billion coffee capsules per year.

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