Neuhaus Neotec introduce NN-QM

Neuhaus Neotec is introducing NN Quality Management (NN-QM), a new software system that measures the roasting process for users of its equipment. The network-based system allows users to fix and measure data, which can then be logged and filed. The software can be installed in new and existing roasting plants and because it is network-based, the data can then be called up via browser from any office. “As food producers, coffee roasters have to meet high quality standards,” said Neuhaus Neotec. “Origin and processing of the green coffee must be fully traceable. For this reason, Neuhaus Neotec is supplying the first network-based system for recording roasting data.” NN-QM offers access to all quality-related data during the roasting process. The procedural state of the roasting chamber is recorded and archived together with the roasting data. Neuhaus Neotec said that production reliability is increased, because corresponding parametres can be compared to answer any queries about product quality. “The program is also an important component for any DIN / ISO 9000 audit and can facilitate the certification accordingly,” said Neuhaus Neotec. NN-QM allows the operator to save information such as period, batch number, recipe numbers or types of coffee, and attach laboratory reports. For new plants, NN-QM can record all the data available and provide a batch-oriented representation of the production process. For existing plants, the data representation depends on the available measuring instruments; however, these can me retrofitted according to the roasters requirements. Neuhaus Neotec said the quality management system has already proven to be successful in several large roasters in Europe.

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