Neuhaus Neotec Leak Test 1

Ground coffee quickly loses its aroma when exposed to oxygen. Neuhaus Neotec’s Leak Test 1 unit enables leak testing of coffee packages such as tubular bags, thermoformed packages, cans, and coffee capsules. This technology, which does not require test gas, detects both coarse leaks and micro leaks smaller than 10 µm. The reliable Leak Test 1 can be easily integrated into the quality assurance process of the production line allowing simple and quick testing of single or multiple packages. Any deviation of the tightness of the package from a specified threshold value is displayed. The measuring results are recorded and can be retrieved for further processing when the device is connected to the IT network via an interface. As a roaster, you not only improve your package and product quality, but also reduce the reject rate through targeted, statistical evaluation of the measured data. For more information visit

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