Neuhaus Neotec Roll Grinders

Neuhaus Neotech is offering ultra-fine grinding resulting in a particle size of 50 micrometres. With the gap width between the special rolls at below 10 micrometres, the grinders produce a particularly fine and homogeneous ground product. The machine also ensures that the product to be ground hardly heats up and does not lose its aroma due to special roll drives and high-capacity cooling during the grinding process. A touch screen control system and a sensitive temperature monitoring system facilitate the control of the grinders. The roll geometry and surface design, in combination with separate drives, ensure a precise adjustment of the grinding degree. Built-ups which can occur when grinding fine coffee can be overcome by using a special scraper system. After degasification, there should be limited problems concerning the residual CO2 content due to the increased surface of the ground product. The carbon dioxide escapes almost instantaneously. Different sizes of the Neuhaus Neotec roller mills for ultra-fine grinding, with capacities ranging from 100 to 1000 kilograms per hour, are available. For more information visit

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