Neuhaus Neotec Shop roaster

The glazed floor-mounted Neuhaus Neotec shop roaster is designed as an attractive centrepiece for a café. The roaster is characterised by its high flexibility and simple operation, which can be easily learned. The complete roasting process can be observed – from filling-in of the beans, to roasting and cooling. During roasting, the chaff is separated by the cyclone and collected in a bin. As up to 100 different recipes can be stored and called in, depending on the blend and the requested colour/roasting temperature, optimum reproducibility is ensured. As soon as the coffee has reached the desired roasting temperature, automatic discharge will start the cooling process. The coffee is cooled down with fresh air in a very short time so that the volatile aromas remain in the coffee. Whether single origin or a blend – the result is perfectly roasted coffee which can develop its full flavour due to the gentle and carefully controlled roasting process. For more information visit

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