Neuhaus Neotec strengthens its presence in Italy

Roasting plant manufacturer Neuhaus Neotec and its parent company, Kahl Group, have announced plans to strengthen their foundations in Italy.

Neuhaus Neotec calls Italy the “land of good taste” and “famous for its exceptional and high-quality coffees”, so it goes without saying that manufacturer wanted to strengthen its presence in the “country of the Dolce Vita”.

Italy has always been an important country for the companies in the Kahl Group. Especially with roasting plant manufacturer Neuhaus Neotec, which set an important milestone several years ago with the first delivery of a hot-air roaster to Italy, to Gian Luca Venturelli of Lucaffè.

“Gian Luca had the courage to be the first Italian speciality roaster to move away from drum roasting and towards hot-air roasting.” says Dr. Victoria Behrmann, Managing Director of Neuhaus Neotec and Amandus Kahl.

Going forward, Ralf Torenz and Davide de Cristofaro will manage the company’s activities in Italy from Bologna, as the new Managing Directors of Neuhaus Neotec Italia.

Amandus Kahl, a machine manufacturer for the production of pellets of different products, is also expanding its presence in the land of the sun.

Since 1 August, Luciano Lodigiani has been supporting the company in the sale of machines and plants for pelletising of desired raw products and product mixtures. Besides Neuhaus Neotec and Amandus Kahl, Heinen Freezing, the third sister company of Kahl Holding, also serves the Italian market. Kahl Holding says in a country with an average temperature of almost 30°C in summer, machines and plants for freezing and freezing are indispensable.

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Image from left: Gian Luca Venturelli of Lucaffè, and Neuhaus Neotec’s Jens Bünte, Davide De Cristofaro, and Giosuè Cantelli.

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