Neuhaus Neotec to debut new grinder at Host

Neuhaus Neotec is launching Neogrind, a commercial grinder set to debut at Host in Milan, Italy from 23 – 27 October. The thousands of people flocking to Italy this month will be the first to see Neuhaus Neotec’s latest offering, which it is adding to its established WMS portfolio. Neogrind’s modular construction for two or three grinds, makes it possible to grind up to 2500 kilograms of coffee per hour. Its reproducible, specific particle size distribution means it can grind for any purpose, from filter coffee to capsule. Its recipe-based grinding variation allows a quick change of the grinding degree per batch. Neogrind includes a completely accessible grinding chamber with an internal surface made of stainless steel. Its interior is made up of only fixed parts. Neohaus Neotec said its latest grinder’s new guide plate technology and gas-tight grinding chamber minimizes potential coffee adhesions and quality variations. “The setting precision for the servo-controlled grinding gap adjustment is a few thousandths of a millimetre; and the grinding gap is automatically corrected,” said Neohaus Neotec. “The grinding gap and the roller speed are continuously adjustable, allowing for the large grinding spectrum.” Neogrind’s motors are self-ventilated, energy efficient and due to the modular design, rollers can be changed easily. The Neogrind is controlled using a touch screen and can be integrated into any control system. Host Milano is one of the biggest bi-annual trade fairs catering to the coffee, hotel and food industries.

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