New dates for Italian Espresso Trainer certification announced

New certification sessions for Italian Espresso and for Espresso Italiano Trainers will take place in Brescia, Italy from the 31 May to the 3 June 2016 and from the 25-28 October, 2016. The Italian Espresso certification program is run by the Italian Espresso National Institute (Inei) in cooperation with the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (Iiac). It is made up of two modules (M1 Espresso Italiano Tasting and M2 Espresso Italiano Specialist). The two courses will take place on 31 May and on 1 June and are valid for the Inei’s certification Italian Espresso (two more dates on 25 and 26 October). The certification programme for Espresso Italiano Trainers will immediately follow on 2 and 3 June (two more dates on 27 and 28 October). Candidate trainers have to attend two more modules (M3 Senses Brain Sensory Analysis and EIT Espresso Italiano Trainer course). Certified trainers will be entitled to hold the sensory seminar Espresso Italiano Experience on behalf of the Iiac. The content of the seminar includes information on espresso and tasting techniques with the final aim of teaching the students how to assess the quality of Italian coffee. Each student receives a certificate after passing the thoery and tasting exams at the end of the seminar. There are more than 160 Espresso Italiano Trainers in the world.

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