New rules and regulations released for the 2021 World Coffee Championships

2021 World Coffee champsionship

With the championships scheduled to take place this November, World Coffee Events has released updated rules and regulations for the 2021 World Latte Art (WLAC), World Coffee in Good Spirits (WCIGS), and World Coffee Roasting (WCRC) Championships.

Set to take place at the Taipei International Coffee Show in Taiwan, the new rules will also incorporate COVID-19 precautions and general competition clarification.

Non COVID-19 related updates include rephrasing of the WLAC competition procedures and the WCIGS judging evaluations, which aim to give contestants greater competition clarity.

The green evaluation that forms part of the WCRC scoring has also been changed so that it no longer counts towards participants score. This is due to the consistent high marks received in this area.

At national championships, contestants will still be required to demonstrate their green evaluation skills, however, at world-level championships this will no longer contribute towards scores. Contestants at world-level may still evaluate green coffee for their personal reference.

Overtime penalty in the competition has also been clarified so that competitors will receive a score of zero for the section where they have gone over time. Contestants will, however, keep points they have gained in other sections.

General competition procedures have also been rephrased and a single provider for the sample roasters will be used at world-level championships.

Rules that apply to Competition Bodies have now been centralised and clarified in a new section which now cover variations of competition formats and appeal processes at a competition body level.

For greater details on the changes to rules and regulations, please click here.

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