New smart hub to revolutionise the future of coffee, food & beverage packaging

A new Smart Packaging Hub will help visitors discover answers to their most pressing innovation and digitalisation questions – across the entire coffee, food, and beverage packaging value chain.

Cama, one of the hub’s seven founders, calls it a meeting place where end-users of automated packaging machines or lines can interact with class-leading manufacturers to discuss manufacturing efficiency, configuration flexibility, product safety and quality, traceability, return on investment calculation, eco-sustainability, and energy saving.

In addition to core packaging technologies and competence, it will also give help to those at every stage of the digital transformation journey – from the very first steps, through implementation and on to expanding and improving existing Industry 4.0 initiatives.

The Smart Packaging Hub initiative is the brainchild of seven companies – Baumer, Opem, Zacmi, Cama, Clevertech, Makro Labelling, and Tosa – all of which represent the forefront in their technological fields. These companies combined offer:

  • €400 million (about US$477 million) yearly turnover
  • 1200 machines deliveries per year
  • 2000 collaborators
  • 90 per cent export per annum
  • 4 per cent of turnover per annum invested in R&D activities
  • 1 per cent of turnover per annum invested in training activities

Their primary aim of the Smart Packaging Hub is to send a strong message of support and collaboration and to put all available technological competences in front of end-users in the food and beverage industry.

Visitors to the hub will have access to a massive array of capabilities, knowledge, and services and will benefit from the “Made in Italy” technological connotation, which Cama says implies utmost flexibility in the customisation of automated packaging plants.

In the Hub, visitors will discover how to adapt their machines to best match future requirement, not just in terms of components, programming, diagnostics and operations, but also for process virtualisation, advanced robotics, hyperconnectivity, and the IoT. They will also discover how to apply Artificial Intelligence and analytics to collect, process and manage the data generated by machines, in order to optimise energy and manufacturing performance or to discover new service typologies and business models for an ever-evolving market.

Finally, by joining the Smart Packaging Hub, end users will find the best service offer for a global after-sales service, delivered by skilful, multi-language teams in all across the globe.

The platform is now live.

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