New varietal wins Peru Cup of Excellence

Grimanés Morales Lizana of La Lucuma farm in Cajamarca has won the 2019 Cup of Excellence (COE) Peru, achieving a cupping score of 92.28 for her washed coffee.

The coffee is an unidentified mutation of the Bourbon varietal Lizana named Marshel after her father-in-law.

Lucio Luque Vásquez of Nuevo Progreso farm in Cusco placed second, scoring 91.44 with a washed Geisha.

Junior Guido Flores Elera of Agua Dulce farm in Cajamarca placed third with 91.40 points for a washed Catuai.

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) concluded its third edition of the COE in Jaen, Peru on 25 October, the last competition of COE’s 20th anniversary year. The judging panel represented markets from Japan, South Korea, the United States, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, and Peru.

The national jury evaluated 209 samples submitted from 11 regions and narrowed it down to 39 coffees. The international jury evaluated these and selected 21 coffees for the COE Auction and seven for the National Winner Auction.

The COE Auction will take place on 5 December.

John Thompson, who led the panels, says that among the Peruvian coffees evaluated this year, there are flavors that reflect Peruvian gastronomic richness and that were developed thanks to careful harvesting and processing. Coffee profiles boasted flavors including mint, prickly pear, peach, malt, and blueberries.

According to Lourdes Córdova Moya, a Peruvian panelist who has attended all the editions of COE Peru, this year’s competitors showcase the diverse profiles of Peru.
She says that the coffees of the past two years were very clean and sweet, with profiles of fruit and citric notes. She is delighted to see the varied profiles selected by the international panel this year that she believes better represents Peru.

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