Nexpod capsule

NexPod is a system of capsules that can be refilled with ground coffee for espresso or tea, and used with all Nespresso machines. The capsules can also be used a second time. Besides traditional coffee (coffee for espresso, barley coffee, chicory coffee), NexPod can also be used with instant and flavoured coffees (i.e. ginseng coffee and guarana coffee). To make a cup of coffee, the NexPod capsule can be filled with whatever ground coffee a person likes, and can also be used with tea. An espresso made using NexPod costs 40 per cent less than using original Nespresso capsules. Moreover the capsules are made of polypropylene, a high quality plastic used in the medical and food sectors, that is heat resistant and 100 per cent recyclable if disposed using plastic collection points, without producing toxic waste. For more information visit

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