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Nigeria officially joins the International Coffee Organization

International Coffee Organization

Nigeria has been welcomed as a new member of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and the International Coffee Agreement (ICA) 2007.

The appointment makes Nigeria one of 76 countries that are part of the ICO.

Overall, these countries currently account for 97 per cent of the world’s coffee production and exports and over two-thirds of coffee imports.

Minister/Deputy Head of Industry, Trade and Investment (ITI), Mr Bukar Abdulasalam, and the First Secretary to the Head of ITI, Mrs Agwase Deborah travelled from Nigeria’s High Commission to the UK to present Nigeria’s Instrument of Ratification to the ICA.

Both Nigeria and ICO hope to benefit from the move through the sharing of best practices to produce, trade and increase consumption of coffee.

During discussions, Nigeria stated that they were happy to join the ICO as an opportunity to grow coffee, and with it, income and jobs opportunities.

Since the 19th century Nigeria has been a major coffee producer, as a major cash crop for farmers in the country for decades.

ICO says this membership will be an opportunity for Nigeria to regain a predominant role in the international coffee market.

ICO Executive Director José Sette discussed Nigeria’s areas for engagement with the ICO including the Coffee Public Private Taskforce (CPPTF), and the innovative reform of the ICA.

The International Coffee Organization is a multilateral organisation supporting exporting and importing countries to improve the sustainability of the coffee sector.

It provides a high-level forum for all public and private stakeholders in the sector, official statistics on coffee production, trade and consumption, and support for the development and funding of technical cooperation projects.

For more information, visit the International Coffee Organization website.

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