Ninety plus shatters own auction record with prototype Geisha

ninety plus auction record

Panamanian coffee farm Ninety Plus has sold a prototype of its Geisha coffee in Dubai for a world record price of US$10,000 per kilogram.

The prototype coffee involves highly controlled cultivation and the use of local yeast strains during multi-stage fermentations.

The experimental batch of Geisha coffee broke the previous world record, also set by Ninety Plus, of US$5001.50 per kilogram in 2017.

Emirati entrepreneur and creator of The Espresso Lab, Ibrahim Al Mallouhi convinced Ninety Plus Founder Joseph Brodsky to sell the coffee. Each cup will retail for USD$250.

These coffee prototypes “hold the key to real products of the future and represent an entirely new taste frontier”, Al Mallouhi says.

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