Nuova Simonelli announces plans for Host unveil

Nuova Simonelli announced in a press conference last week that it would unveil several innovations at Host this October. Held in Milan during the last week of Universal Exposition (Expo), Host is one of the largest trade events for the sector. Nuova Simonelli said the new technology it was planning to showcase would affect the traditional machinery sector, super-automatics, and the home environment. “Some machines will have modern equipment with remote control, made possible by a data transmission system and wi-fi on the cloud,” said Nuova Simonelli. “For a particular model this will also be by smartphone or tablet.” Nuova Simonelli’s Victoria Arduino brand will display, the VA388 Black Eagle with T3 and Gravimetric at Host, in addition to a new product, which will go into production later in the year. Nuova Simonelli said product innovation is fundamental to its company principles, with average investment in research and development ranging from between US$2 – $3 million annually. The Italian coffee machine manufacturer is currently working with Camerino and Ancona Universities in a range of research areas to improve the functionality and sustainability of their machines. In addition to comparative analysis, which involves detecting parameters such as the influence of pressure and temperature on the extraction of coffee, Nuova Simonelli is working on an Eco–Smart coffee machine using recyclable components. A team of researchers are testing materials and leadless coating solutions that could be used on a new range of professional espresso machines. Nuova Simonelli is also working with a network of companies, and the university, to improve sustainability in the production process of manufacturing. Host is running at Milan, Italy from 23 – 25 October.

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