Nuova Simonelli launches Aurelia Wave UX commercial coffee machine

Nuova Simonelli

Based off the Aurelia model, commercial machine manufacturer Nuova Simonelli has designed its newest coffee machine, Aurelia Wave UX, with greater flexibility, productivity, and consistency.

The Aurelia Wave UX incorporates the company’s Independent Temperature Setting (ITS) technology that allows greater customisation when preparing drinks.

Dedicated to extraction performance, energy saving and for easy use, the ITS feature allows control of drink parameters independent of the temperature of every group. This enables optimum handling of different drinks while maintaining high standards.

Based on a single boiler technology, the ITS technology uses a thermostatic mixer to stabilise the water temperature of the boiler of every group. With this, the machine maintains a stable temperature until the end of every drink preparation.

Once parameters are set in the Aurelia Wave UX, service is fluid and fast. With an ability to make several drinks simultaneously, whether milk, coffee based, or infusion based, the Aurelia Wave UX is designed for consistent quality due to the ITS technology and years of experience in simplifying operator’s work.

The Aurelia Wave UX also features Easycream, a feature that offers users four different textures of milk. This reduces serving time, as the milk can be frothed while the operator grinds and prepares the coffee.

Designed for places with a consistent rotation of staff, the Aurelia Wave UX has been designed to be intuitive with minimal training required.

With an easy to navigate and use program display, the machine is described as “ergonomic,” reducing physical stress and maximising user comfort.

According to Nuova Simonelli, “It is this positive approach that has driven us to keep working on systems that help the operator to work better and be more productive.”

Designed for low maintenance with long-lasting components, the Aurelia Wave UX has also been created with a goal to reduce environmental impact. A Life Cycle Assessment found that the Aurelia Wave UX had a seven per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions as compared to the previous model, while maintaining performance level.

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