Nuova Simonelli launches new versions of MDJ and MDXS grinders

nuova simonelli grinder

Nuova Simonelli has unveiled two new versions of its MDJ and MDXS on-demand coffee grinders.

The company says both grinders combine all the Nuova Simonelli technology and ergonomics for coffee shops, chains and restaurants that require a consistent, quality grind as well as maintaining simplicity in its use.

With its 75-millimetre burrs, the MDJ on-demand is ideal for high-volume settings with its ability to grind 3 kilograms of coffee a day. The updated version includes a new touchscreen display and portafilter hook that simplifies work for the user.

The MDXS-on demand has 65 millimetre burrs with a 1.5 kilogram daily grind capacity. According to Nuova Simonelli, the grinder stands out due to its dose consistency, silent functioning and simply use.

Both grinders have been updated with quiet functioning features. Each machine, equipped with suspension, insulates the motor and eliminates unwanted noises.

The micrometrical grinding adjustment guarantees high level precision of the coffee grind, while the new clump critter provides continuous flow of coffee into the portafilter, which helps reduce waste. Both machines are designed to make cleaning and technical assistance simple and quick.

For more information, visit Nuova Simonelli’s website.

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