Nuova Simonelli releases Appia Life Timer

Nuova Simonelli Appia Life Timer

Nuova Simonelli is adding a member to the Appia Life family, the Appia Life Timer espresso machine.

This new version, available with two and three group volumetric dosing, has a TFT display that allows the user to control dispensing times for a result in the cup that’s consistent and without waste.

The Appia Life now comes in three versions: the XT, with TFT display and two and three group telemetry system with volumetric dosing, the Timer, with simplified TFT display for visualising dispensing times, and the Standard. The latter includes the two and three group Appia Life, the Compact (only 55-centimetres wide) and the one group. All the Standard version machines are available with semi-automatic and volumetric dosing.

According to Nuova Simonelli, Appia Life is a coffee machine that stands out for its performance, simplicity of use, energy saving and new features that make it even more advanced.

Appia Life is designed to guarantee high daily production and a consistent result in the cup, thanks, for example, to the Soft Infusion System which optimises extraction, and to the Easycream technology that creates automatically prepare milk for milk-based coffees.

The machine is designed to provide coffee shops with top-quality drinks while saving energy. The insulated boiler is capable of reducing energy consumption by 13 per cent compared to the Appia II.

Life Cycle Assessment studies, which is a structured and standardised method regarding product life cycle that quantifies any impact on the environment and human health deriving from the use of the product, have demonstrated a 20 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions compared the Appia II. Appia Life obtained these results because of its new thermal system, the new materials used and the general optimisation of the mechanical components.

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