Nuova Simonelli to complete first edition of Simonelli Youth Academy

Nuova Simonelli has announced the first edition of its Simonelli Youth Academy will finish on 11 October, following a successful initial run. Simonelli Academy started the program in 2018 to help young and promising baristas who love coffee and want to deepen their skills. Earlier this year, Simonelli awarded scholarships to eight young people, aged between 18 and 30, so they could undertake the coffee education and training program, based on the Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Skills Program. This third session of the course, concluding 11 October, will cover the highest level of the course, Professional Barista. The two sessions held in spring and summer were devoted to basic and intermediate barista skills, and covered green coffee, roasting, and filter coffee. “The courses offered by Simonelli Youth Academy have been keenly attended by the eight young scholarship winners. All of them have been strongly motivated to improve their knowledge and their willingness to take on the profession at the highest levels,” says Dario Ciarlantini, Coordinator and Teacher at Simonelli Youth Academy. Lauro Fioretti, head of the Training Program, emphasises how Simonelli Youth Academy offers the right path to a full education for young people who want to become professional expert baristas because the theoretical and practical lessons transversely covered all the issues related to coffee. For more information, visit

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