Nuova Simonelli to host Q-grading course at certified facility

Brewer Behavior Founder Tracy Allen will host a Q-Grading course from 30 January to 3 February at Nuova Simonelli's newest Q-grading facility. The course is geared to exploring particular themes such as the classification of coffee, roasting, and tasting analysis. Nuova Simonelli's Q-Grading facility was certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) last year.  The Q-grading course is an initiative of the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) , a section of the SCAA. Courses for Q Graders are held in coffee producing and consuming countries, to convey to the professional knowledge of classification of 22 areas of coffee, contemplating also the classification of green coffee, the identification of roasting, tasting coffee, sensory skills and triangulation. Students receive the Q Graders certification, after passing a rigorous examination lasting three days.  “Nuova Simonelli shares with CQI the aim of increasing the quality and knowledge of coffee,'” the company reports. “For the industry projects such as the Q Grade provide a valuable support to understand and implement the new standards of quality. The “Grade Q' creates a more informed industry, with positive effects on the value chain.”

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