Nuova Simonelli showcases the Nuova Aurelia espresso machine

Nuova Aurelia

Nuova Simonelli presents Nuova Aurelia, a professional espresso coffee machine for cafés, chains and roasters to improve workflow and quality consistency.

Nuova Simonelli is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Aurelia range with a new machine capable of dispensing an extensive beverage menu, boosting workflow with automation, and paying great attention to economic, and environmental sustainability.

Simonelli Group CEO Marco Feliziani says the Nuova Aurelia enables an unparalleled workflow thanks to its reactive technology that results in high-quality, in-cup consistency.

“Nuova in Italian means ‘new’. This is the word that has always expressed the search for innovation that is fundamental to Nuova Simonelli,” says Feliziani.

“Nuova Aurelia stands out as the masterpiece of our ideal technology for humans. Our mission is to create the smartest coffee machine, as well as the most intuitive to work with.”

Nuova Aurelia offers a broad range of beverages that can be made thanks to a new all-in-one system that includes automated dialogue between machine and grinder.

“Machine and grinder communication [thanks to a wireless system] is technology that allows you to store the recipe directly in the portafilter. Both the machine and the grinder recognise the portafilter and automatically dispense the dose of ground coffee and the correct recipe in the cup,” says Simonelli Group Research and Development Director Claudio Cingolani.

“The barista can stay completely calm, preparation times are reduced, waste is avoided, and the result is excellent quality drinks. For grinding and extraction, data sharing via Bluetooth between the machine and the grinder enables some automatic adjustments and provides useful feedback to the barista to ensure consistent quality in the cup.

Cingolani says the Nuova Aurelia also features an electronic steam knob which incorporates the electronic control of the steam itself.

“It is made of aluminium and further simplifies and speeds up the operation. Simply press the button to activate or deactivate the steam,” he says.

“Baristas can rotate or press the knob to adjust the purge intuitively. The advanced option adds a display on the knob that shows recipes – up to nine recipes can be saved and customised by selecting temperature and air percentage. Each one is given a name or icon, for easy recognition by the user.”

To enhance foam quality, Nuova Simonelli is introducing E-Milk technology, which provides automatic texturing of milk or plant-based drinks at the pre-set temperature and dose. The barista can save up to six recipes directly from the touchscreen display.

“The sensors automatically activate the steam wand in the recipe selection directly from the steam knob display without having to change the settings on the main touchscreen,” Cingolani says.

The steam wand is made of a new polymer material and remains cool when in use, providing safety and comfort for the barista. It also has greater mobility for frontal movement to maximise ergonomics.

“The wand has a special milk sensor that can perceive when the wand is immersed in milk, automatically activating frothing with the preferred recipe. When the wand is in resting position, the automatic purge can be set,” says Cingolani.

“These solutions are useful not only to speed up the workflow, but also to automatically carry out the cleaning procedures to ensure durability of the coffee machine.”

To meet different consumer demands and offer customised solutions, Nuova Aurelia has six different operational configurations.

“The Nuova Aurelia MP (Maximum Performance) grants maximum control and temperature stability for every coffee extraction. The MP technology requires less energy, allowing for smaller boilers since only necessary water is heated. The boilers are also insulated and coated with an innovative material that prevents heat loss and increases energy efficiency,” Cingolani says.

“The process is efficient, but also simple: the barista only has to set the temperature from the display. The machine’s electronics do the rest, keeping the temperature stable during the entire dispensing phase.”

Cingolani says the Nuova Aurelia UX (User Experience) offers improved synchronised multi-preparation, ensuring high quality and consistency.

“The new engineering focuses on a single boiler heating system and a thermostatic mixer with an electronically heated group head, that stabilises the temperature with low installed power and low technological complexity of a multi-boiler system,” he says.

“At the same time, the new UX technology ensures the autonomous thermal setting of each group, empowering fluid handling for the machine operator and enhancing the value of work through an amazingly full experience for customers. Once the temperature has been set on each group, the operator’s job is automated. The machine manages the rest, ensuring a steady temperature right to the end of the process.”

The Nuova Aurelia Volumetric version has a volumetric control which can set the correct volume in the cup for each button. The Nuova Aurelia Semi-automatic version has a manual control, so the barista can stop brewing once the desired dose has been reached.

“Both the volumetric and semi-automatic versions come with the XT version or without a touchscreen display and E-Milk technology. The machine is extremely customisable with many optional add-ons, such as cup warmer electronics, body material, steam wand type, and more,” Cingolani says.

Nuova Aurelia has also been designed to reduce energy loss and its carbon footprint, with economic and environmental sustainability in mind.

“Optimising and automating the workflow means ensuring high productivity, reducing waste, and obtaining the best results. The Nuova Aurelia boilers are also insulated with special material which reduces heat loss and saves energy,” says Cingolani.

“Weekly programming allows daily on/off switching to be set, and a single group can also be turned off in quieter times.”

Feliziani says Nuova Aurelia is a machine created to boost performance, productivity and simplicity, and therefore optimise and automate the workflow of all establishments that need a versatile tool to contribute to the growth of a business.

“Nuova Aurelia is a coffee machine designed for environments with high staff rotation. It is extremely intuitive, easy to use, and requires very little time for staff training. The ease of use of this machine and its ergonomics ensures less physical stress and maximum operator comfort,” Feliziani says.

“We are proud to present you with the next workstation.”

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This article was first published in the January/February 2024 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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