Nuova Simonelli’s Appia proves a hit at Host

Nuova Simonelli’s Technology Village was a hub of activity at Host Milano, with special interest in the Appia range, particularly from buyers from Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and India. This has led Nuova Simonelli’s President, Nando Ottavi, to pronounce in a statement: “The shortest way to reach the East is the Appia.” Over the five days of the event, the Technology Village was visited by thousands of people from all over the world. Four World Barista Champions welcomed visitors to Nuova Simonelli’s Technology Village at host, including James Hoffman, Raoul Rodas, Gwilym Davies and Fritz Storm. They were joined by Irish Barista Champion Colin Harmon, Italian Barista Champion Elisa Molle and Master Barista Dario Ciarlantini, all showing visitors the potential offered by the new technologies developed and patented by Nuova Simonelli. The superautomatic Talento Special features the latest Milk Silk technology. T3 technology, which in addition to being found in Aurelia II (the official coffee machine of the World Barista Championship), is in the Theresia by Fuksas (the new Victoria Arduino machine). Clima Pro technology is incorporated in the new Mythos One on-demand grinder. Easy Cream technology, with its innovative patented nozzles, is in Aurelia II Digit. Finally, Gravimetric technology, the most innovative of the five, has been introduced into the latest machine from the Victoria Arduino brand, the VA 388 (designed by Carlo Viglino). This machine was previewed at Host and will be put into production by mid-2014. Among the new technologies presented, Easy Cream and Gravimetric generated the most interest. The most photographed pieces of equipment were the Mythos One grinder, the prototype of the VA 388 and the Appia II, in two and three group versions, the one group and Compact. The Appia II, which won over many Eastern buyers, represents an evolution of the Appia machine with high productivity and performance, and is already appreciated by over 100,000 baristas around the world. The version presented at HOST features a new design and a brighter covering, with more stainless steel. Appia II is also more ergonomic as it now has a reverse mirror, a flush cup warmer and a control panel with more responsive and sensitive buttons. In addition to this technology, Nuova Simonelli offered its customers the opportunity to gain an insight into the culture of coffee. For two days following the Host event, the company held a workshop in its classrooms and technical center, in the training annex of its production centre in Belforte Chienti (Macerata). The workshop was led by reigning World Barista Champion Pete Licata from the United States. More than 40 customers, operators and buyers, mainly from Eastern countries, attended the workshops.

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