Nuova Simonelli’s research centre opens in Italy

Nuova Simonelli’s International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation is now operative. The structure was established last summer in a collaboration between Simonelli Group and the University of Camerino and provides scientific and technological support to the development of knowledge in the coffee chain, increasing the strength of innovation for this important drink appreciated all over the world. Based on research, the centre supports training and dissemination. The first public event will be held at the Camerino campus on Monday, 6 February at 3pm with one of the world's leading experts in the field, Professor Chahan Yeretzian of ZHAW in Switzerland. The meeting will be coordinated by Professor Sauro Vittori, a food analysis expert from the University of Camerino. The next day Yeretzian, accompanied by the Dean Flavio Corradini and the President of Simonelli Group, Nando Ottavi, will visit the headquarters of the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation in the Nuova Simonelli facility in Belforte del Chienti. There they will meet the Unicam graduate students, researchers and technicians working there and will be shown the guidelines of the research.

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