Nuova Simonelli’s Oscar II

Oscar II is a new generation of the coffee machine launched in the late 1990s, which has conquered coffee lovers around the world. Just 32 centimetres wide, Oscar II is a high performance machine thanks to professional components like the filter holder, the temperature compensated group and the high productivity steam wand. Added to this are technical and ergonomic features to simplify its use, including the push and pull steam lever and the soft- touch backlit control panel. The brewing unit is temperature compensated giving consistent and quality extractions. The temperature stability of Oscar II is ensured via the heat exchanger system inside the boiler, which also ensures a high steam capacity for creamy and fragrant cappuccinos. Timer programming ensures consistent results. Among the new features of Oscar II is to the extensive use of stainless steel that immediately shows strength and solidity, as well as enhancing the machine. Minimal design ensures the machine fits in different types of environment.
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