Ona Coffee announces new model of OCD distribution tool

Ona Coffee has announced the release of a new model of the Ona Coffee Distributor (OCD) tool, the OCD V3. The announcement came ONA Coffee’s founder and inventor of the OCD, former World Barista Champion Saša Šestić. “We’ve been producing distribution tools for more than four years, since we designed the first coffee distribution tool in 2012,” Šestić says. “We are always trying to find ways to make coffee more consistent and this latest model is another step up from the tools we’ve produced in the past.” The OCD tool was first publicly used by Šestić on stage at the 2015 World Barista Championship (WBC) in Seattle, United States. Since then, various models of the tool have been used in cafés across the world and on the world competition stage. “Since 2017, we have had a sponsorship program for barista champions competing in the WBC, providing them with OCD tools to use,” Šestić says. “It’s incredible to see both baristas in normal cafés and WBC finalists using this tool in order to help them be more consistent.” This latest model of the OCD includes several new features, including a lighter weight – 100 grams less than previous models – reduced retail price, and an advanced, static-reducing coating on the base. “No tool is perfect and over the past few years, we have been working to find a way to reduce build up of coffee grinds from static electricity,” Šestić says. “We’ve employed the use of this new, static-reducing coating on the base of the OCD V3 so that we can practically eliminate that problem and create better tasting, more consistent coffee.” Šestić and his team worked with The Coffee Excellence Centre at the Zurich University of Applied Science in order to test the new model of the OCD and the new coating. “This year, we started collaboration with Profesor Chahan and his amazing team in Switzerland to ensure that the OCD V3 is the best distribution tool in the market,” Šestić says. “We compared this new model with other tools and we are very happy with the results, which we are excited to share with everyone very soon.” The OCD V3 will be available for worldwide sale on 19 August. For more information, visit Follow Global Coffee Report on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for up-to-date news and analysis of the global coffee industry.

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