Opem opens new plant in Parma, Italy

Opem is celebrating 40 years in the industry with the opening of a new plant in Parma, Italy. The official opening of the new facility will take place on 26 September, with a guided tour arranged for those invited. The 13,000-square metre new facility will bring into a single building the Opem production line that is currently set out over four 1300 square metre facilities. According to President Fabio Binacchi, the result will be a more productive assembly line, which will also incorporate a research and innovation facility. Binacchi says this research will help define the future of coffee capsule manufacturing. Founded in 1974, Opem has become a leading capsule-filling machine manufacturer. What was once a small family business has grown to a company with 105 employees, providing packaging solution to a range of multinational companies.

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