OpenSC brings tracing technology to Nespresso’s coffee supply chain 


Social impact start-up, OpenSC, has revealed a technology-based collaboration that brings new levels of transparency to the Nespresso Reviving Origins organic coffee, Kahawa ya Congo.

Through the partnership with Nespresso, OpenSC’s technology is being used to trace every bag of coffee digitally and securely from the 1185 smallholder farms of the AMKA Cooperative in South Kivu, all the way to the consumer.

“Our partnership with Nespresso shows the power of technology to drive new levels of transparency and accountability into the furthest reaches of the supply chain,” says Markus Mutz, CEO of OpenSC.

“Trustworthy data, captured at source and stored immediately in a tamper-proof way, is a powerful tool that enables companies like Nespresso to make progress towards their sustainability commitments, and to build trust with increasingly eco-conscious consumers and stakeholders.”

The AMKA Cooperative was selected to take part in the program from among multiple cooperatives in DRC that Nespresso sources from.

The OpenSC platform automatically verifies that each farmer receives the correct Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program premium directly for exactly the coffee they produced, either via mobile money or cash.

“Transparency and traceability to the growing communities and farms has been a fundamental part of our AAA sourcing for nearly 20 years, and the collaboration with OpenSC is bringing new state of the art technology to facilitate this,” says Jérôme Perez, Global Head of Sustainability at Nespresso.

“The exciting program allows our customers, for the first time, to follow the journey of their coffee and explore the impact it is having.”

Each of the sleeves of Nespresso coffee verified and traced by OpenSC carries a QR code, enabling customers to retrace the steps their coffee has taken and verify the producers of this outstanding coffee received fair reward.

The verified Kahawa ya Congo product SKU is available in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Iceland, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary.

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