Organic coffee wins Super Mujeres Nicaraguan competition

Super Mujeres

Mary Elsy Caldera of 5 De Junio Cooperative has won the first Super Mujeres Nicaragua all-women competition with an organic certified washed coffee that scored 87.67 points.

Third-place winner Martha Lorena Castilblanco of Alejandrita Farm in Jinotega scored 87.47 points for her natural process coffee.

“I feel happy and grateful for having the opportunity to be part of Super Mujeres. This program encourages us to continue in our daily struggle to grow the best coffees in Nicaragua and the efforts that women make to give a decent life to our families,” says third-place winner Martha Lorena Castilblanco of Alejandrita Farm in Jinotega.

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) in partnership with Nicaragua’s National Commission for the Transformation and Development of Coffee Farming (CONATRADEC) announced the 18 winning coffees of the inaugural Private Collection Auction (PCA), representing seven varieties, three processes, and three regions of Nicaragua.

“We’d like to congratulate all the women coffee farmers who participated in the Super Mujeres competition. We really enjoyed how balanced, clean, structured, and complex these coffees were. Great coffee comes from hard work and dedication. We are wishing all the super mujeres best of luck in the auction,” says Jommalyn Angeles of Cypher Urban Roastery in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, serving on the Global Coffee Centre jury.

The Super Mujeres auction will take place on 23 June. It will showcase Nicaragua’s Super Women coffee growers who lead the country’s quality push and empower their families and communities all while making Nicaragua proud with their effort and dedication.

The opening price for the winning coffees starts will start at US$5.00 per pound with lot sizes ranging from three to five boxes of 30 kilograms.

Through women’s leadership, Nicaragua has seen changes in cultural and social patterns for equality, which has, in turn, helped to empower more women.

Sample sets of the winning coffees are available now until 23 June at

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