Paulina Miczka wins World Aeropress Championship

Fifty-eight national AeroPress Champions came together for one final showdown to crown the World AeroPress Champion on 9 November. Styled as a light-hearted alternative to the more serious barista competitions, more than 700 people attended the party event at Café Alver in Gangnam, Seoul. For the first time in the competition’s history, organisers introduced a wildcard round. Two competitors knocked out in elimination rounds had their names drawn at random to re-join the competition. The lucky two were the national AeroPress representatives from England and Northern Ireland. After 30 rounds of pointing and 88 cups of coffee sipping from the panel of 11 international judges, wildcard entrant Paulina from England was announced the 2017 World AeroPress Champion. Yusuke Narisawa of Japan placed second and Jeongsu Park from South Korea placed third. The World AeroPress Championship is a multi-round, elimination tournament of competitive coffee making. Three competitors per round had just a few minutes to brew a single cup of AeroPress coffee and present it to three judges. The judges tasted each coffee and made an assessment as to which they thought was the best. On the count of three, all judges simultaneously pointed to their chosen coffee. The winner progressed to the next round, while the losers were eliminated. For more information, visit

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