Pli-Valv by Plitek

For more than 25 years, Plitek’s industry-proven one-way degassing valves have enabled coffee roasters to eliminate bulk degassing from their operation and preserve the freshness and quality of their coffee. With billions used worldwide, Pli-Valv valve technology is shown to allow freshly roasted coffee to naturally degas inside of hermetically sealed packaging while providing an effective barrier to environmental oxygen, moisture, and contamination. The Pli-Valv line of products provides reliable and cost-effective degassing solutions for a wide range of packaging sizes and types. Plitek custom engineers and fabricates specialty equipment to support package degassing systems including custom applicators to fit onto existing fill equipment, custom web splicing equipment, custom punching units, and quality assurance systems.

Plitek offers complete system design, installation, service, and full support for the coffee degassing process.

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