Plitek to launch oil-free one-way degassing valve

Plitek, a manufacturer of patented one-way degassing systems, has announced the launch of a new oil-free one-way degassing valve at the 2019 Specialty Coffee Expo in April. Unlike traditional one-way degassing valves, the Plitek model does not require oil to function. Most button valves contain a small drop of oil which allows for opening by pressure from inside the packaging and closing to prevent oxygen from entering. Plitek’s valves can do this without incorporating oil. This oil free technology improves the valve’s environmental footprint. Oil-free one-way degassing valves use less material compared to a button valve and permit greater application throughput efficiency. Plitek’s Marketing and Development Specialist Alma Likic says “this product will help coffee roasters protect and preserve the quality of their roasts, allowing them to offer the best quality coffee to their customers”. “The oil-free feature saves time, decreases scrap, and reduces clean-up efforts by eliminating the need to oil valves,” Likic says. “The oil-free one-way degassing valve is flexible and conforms to a package’s contours. Its clear design seamlessly integrates with packaging graphics. “The new technology also has outstanding opening and closing pressure, allowing for the best preservation of roasted coffee.” Plitek will showcase the oil-free one-way degassing valve at the Specialty Coffee Expo booth 922. In conjunction with the current line of Pli-Valv one-way degassing valves, Plitek also designs, manufactures and installs valve applicator systems that can be integrated onto existing packaging machinery. Plitek says it provides full customer support, simplifying the sourcing of degassing systems. “For more than 25 years, Plitek’s one-way degassing valves have enabled elimination of bulk degassing from the operation and preserve the freshness and quality of product,” Likic says. “With billions used world-wide, our valve technology is proven to allow freshly roasted coffee to naturally degas inside of hermetically sealed packaging while providing an effective barrier to environmental oxygen, moisture, and contaminants.” The Specialty Coffee Expo will be held from 11 to 14 April at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Centre in Massachusetts, United States. For more information, visit

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