Pret a Manger opens Paris location

UK chain Pret a Manger opened its first Paris location on 9 January,  in the city's Quatre Temps business district.  The chain opened the location serving espresso coffee using Nuova Simonelli's Adonis espresso machines, the Italian manufacturers reported in their latest newsletter.  “Adonis is the ideal coffee machine for a place that is different in the quality of the coffee service offered to customers,” Nuova SImonelli reported. “And this is the choice for Pret a Manger.”  The chain, which opened its first restaurant in London in 1986,  now has 250 locations across the United Kingdom, 40 in the United States and 12 in Hong Kong. The French location brings the restaurant into the country of its namesake, with Pret a Manger meaning “Ready to Eat” in French. In its press release, Nuova Simonelli noted that the company has grown significantly over the years, to a turnover of around £ 380 million  (US$557 million) a year.   

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